Dick's Wings and Grill - Over 365 Varieties!

Franchise Information

What Dick’s Wings Can Offer

Dick’s Wings & Grill has become one of the fastest growing franchises in North Florida along with America’s appetite for comfortable family dining. With the down-home sporty NASCAR theme, Dick’s Wings & Grill is the personification of a place where people can sit back, relax and make themselves at home.

We are the perfect pit stop where people can meet to talk about the day’s events over a cold drink and delicious food while enjoying a relaxing time.

Offering Quality and Variety

Though our wing sauce is hard to beat, our outstanding food doesn’t stop there. From salads to 1/2 pound burgers, kid’s menus to veggie quesadillas, we try to provide something equally delicious for everyone. In addition to teas and sodas, we serve beer and wine, and several of out locations now serve liquor.

Providing Fun, Courteous Service

This is a staff priority. They sincerely believe their responsibility is to do whatever they can to make their guests’ dining stay enjoyable, ensuring their return.

Why Choose to be a Franchise Partner with Dick’s Wings & Grill?

Dick’s Wings & Grill values franchisees as business partners. We are dedicated to providing initial and ongoing support with all the key ingredients ensuring franchise success.
This includes site location, restaurant design, grand opening preparations, management training, marketing and advertising.

What Makes Dick’s Wings & Grill Stand Out From Other Opportunities?

We thoroughly research each new market we enter and are willing to adapt to new surroundings. Our goal is to create an eatery where our guests feel at home. Though we are dynamic in our thinking, as a franchise we realize image, food quality and service must be consistent throughout all restaurants. Through experience, we know when to be flexible and when to stick to the formula.

What Makes Dick’s Wings & Grill So Successful?

  • Good organization
  • Proven management plans
  • Teamwork between management & staff
  • Empowered staff that has fun on the job
  • Quality food and consistent service
  • Inviting family atmosphere
  • Continuous franchise support

How Can I Find Out More?

For more information and to receive a Dick’s Wings franchise kit, please click here.

American Restaurant Concepts
13453 N. Main Street, Suite 206
Jacksonville, FL 32218

P: (904) 741-5500
F: (904) 741-5577